Eclipse Pest Control is committed to providing the best service in the industry.

Before any treatment is performed a licensed professional will perform a full inspection so that we can tailor our service to the unique needs of your home. Our approach is to minimize the need of bringing products into your home by using 4 barriers of defense to flush the pests out and keep them out! By keeping the barriers of defense strong on the outside of the home through regularly scheduled services, we can not only knock the bugs out of your house, but we can keep them out!

4 Barriers of Defense

  1. In order to ensure quality protection for you and your home, on the initial service we flush the pests out by performing a spot treatment through the interior of your home and garage. If pests do re-enter your home we will treat the interior on future services upon request for no additional fee.
  2. To keep pests from entering the home we barricade them out with a powerspray treatment around the foundation. We also treat around the windows, doors, and other entry points. In addition to barricading the pests out we will take down cobwebs and wasp nests to keep your home looking nice and clean.
  3. We perform a 20-30 foot granulation of the sod and other vegetation around your home in order to hit the pests where they live and breed.
  4. Finally, we inject weep holes and crawl space vents in order to keep pests from harboring in these areas.

As a customer of our prevention program you can rest easy knowing that our service is backed by the best guarantees in the industry. You can have peace of mind because at Eclipse Pest Control, we are here for you!
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